April 20th, 2015


To know when we release a new book, or video, or something important!


Live updates about TROM Project

Mind you, some updates may sound a bit "personal" and unrelated to TROM project, but are indirectly related to it: my struggles with the project, my work on sister projects like VideoNeat and so forth. I want to give you an insight into my work on TROM and related projects. But most updates are, of course, entirely about TROM and the work that goes behind the project. I, Tio, created this project back in 2011 and I manage most of it at the moment. In time, other volunteers will be able to post updates here. If you can help my work please donate here - it really matters.


Tio: The posts seem to be back now. Regardless it is a warning sign that fb can fuck things up.
Tio: So Facebook fucked up our TROM page and VN page....tons of posts and images disappeared. I have no clue what these people are doing - but here's the thing, if they won't fix it (and I reported it) then bye bye FB. This is the water drop that filled the glass for me. I will ask if anyone wants to manage these page because I personally won't. I am sick of FB either banning our posts and videos, or messing with the algorithm and not show our posts to our followers, or now messing up our pages entirely. Regardless if they fix this BIG problem, I am unsure if we will invest any money in fb advertising. Need to think about it.
Tio: I've also worked today a bit on tromjaro to improve some parts of it. as i said it is for our last parts of the big book...that's when we will officially release it - will do an awesome page for it explaining how to install, how it works, what apps are pre installed and what they do silly - do I think many will us it? I don't. Same that I don't think most people who know about TROM use the awesome curated news and videos. But well, that doesn't stop me to do it. At least I and a few people I know use these tools and they make us smarter laugh
Tio: on 16th the war on FB will begin laugh - I will start the promotion of our trailer for 10 "magic" days to ruin normal people's holidays smile)
Tio: VN doco added and scheduled! Now let's create some memes for the last book!
Tio: haha dodo means doco - documentaries.
Tio: Busy day today at TROM silly - did lots of stuff and now I'll focus on making memes for OverTourism and adding new dodo to VN. These next few days that's my mission, to then be free from these and focus on the big book and the war on Facebook when we will promote again our tromsite trailer! heh, fun times ahead!
Tio: Ziad helped to make all of our text-based links green to be very visible. Small improvement to tromsite, but very much needed!
Tio: TROM Mega Torrent file updated - please seed!
Tio: Newsletter Sent. You can also read it here - I made a thing so now we have a direct link to our newsletter subscription form by adding "#newsletterbottom" to any tromsite URL. Like here
Tio: We are also on thanks to Cody - will add them all at the bottom of every tromsite page!
Tio: TROM is now on the decentralized and open source network Diaspora and on Steemit (we will change the URL in a few weeks time for this one). Thanks to Dima for setting these up and managing them!
Tio: Wow 100 Euros donation from Paul via bank account deposit. Thank you so much Paul! And for your "For a good friend" message! You are a good friend too! Mersi mult de tot!
Tio: For now you can use MusicPiped to listen to music on your phone. Free and Open Source. I'll search for such an alternative for desktop too.
Tio: by parked I mean closed. the website was not updated in years because I bought a theme (legal) which was labeled as "illegal" after my purchase and removed from codecanyon. why didnt I get a refund!? anyways, that website was always a danger. perhaps I am going to open it up again for a few days time, to a week, so that people can save their playlists, but I had to close it today because I noticed suspicious activity.
Tio: I parked - the site is very old and I've noticed some suspicious activity. Since the site is hosted on the same server as videoneat and tromsite (due to lack of funds) I do not want to risk the security of those websites. I am going to find a replacement for musikwave so that everyone can listen to music for free.
Tio: New book Released - OverTourism. Great job Dima, thanks for teh help Yoav and Sasha!
Tio: Thank you Yannick for the 10,00 CAD via Paypal and for the message buddy! " Thank you Tio for all the wonderful work you've done so far. You've helped me assimilate some key concepts related to the current socioeconomic system and you gave me tools to work on the ongoing transition smile Best regards from a french canadian ! "
Tio: OverTourism book design DONE! Yes! Finally. Tomorrow will have to add the links to it and send it to Dima for design review. I am sure tomorrow will also release it! Great! silly
Tio: Thank you Nerijus for €10,00 EUR Liberapay donation. I hope more people will use Liberapy to support us. It is open source and non-profit based.
Tio: After trying to set up the youtube trailer advertising I finally gave up. Youtube advertising is for businesses and not for projects like trom. They want us to go into extreme details: click per url, subscription rate, stuff like that that we have to track back to our website where we have to install google scripts to track these advertising clicks/conversions. All in all it sucks. I talked to Mark and he is ok with my next plan: Let's do it again on FB for the same video, but this time I will edit it so that we reach more people and won't be banned by Fb (i hope so). I will prepare a post and I will ask TZM and everyone else to push the video at the same time. Let's all share it and I'll be there to answer the questions like before. calm, detailed, relaxed, on point. I've researched and I don't think there is another more efficient way to promote our video trailer...fb is still the platform where most people spent most of their time. Instagram sucks at video, so does twitter. Let's prepare for another "war" on FB laugh
Tio: Also, I want to add doco to VN today (I didn't have the time this week). Plus, work on OverTourism book design. Lots of work today!
Tio: Today I'll try to set up the Youtube advertising for trailer - again, thank you Mark for donating 400 more Euros do advertise our trailer. You are a very kind human being!
Tio: I am super happy with the quality of the stream. Keep in mind we are new to this. Will do it better and better. Next week, same day, same hour, discussing the new TROM book OverTourism wink
Tio: Download the TROM-jaro from here (08-12-18).iso?dl=0 but make sure you see our video where we talk about it
Tio: Shit I forgot again to post here when we went live and I also forgot to let people know about donating to the project in the live laugh - well, will do it next time. Here is the video
Tio: I feel like I'm ruining my sleeping schedule again smile). Need to go to sleep earlier but these past days I was too excited with work for TROM. Past hour for example I fixed some thing for the TROM-Jaro beta that is going to make it easier for people to simply install and run it. Before they had to follow 4 steps after installation to set stuff up properly, now only 3 simple ones. The easier you make it for people the more may use your tools. I wonder if people would really use TROM-Jaro. I hope they will! It is a great OS you'll see. And again kudos to Manjaro linux because they are the real "heroes" here - my part is customization (applications and software pre-installed, several settings for better security and usability, and certain improvements to how the desktop looks like).
Tio: Spent many hours today preparing a beta for TROM-Jaro. Will showcase it all tomorrow in the live stream wink. Also will make it available for everyone to test. Btw Dima helps a ton with the live streams, he is super involved with TROM in general. Love it!
Tio: will default now to the dark theme - just because it is more optimized and well....I think it looks better. You can always switch from the top right button. Thank you Ziad! Ziad is the one who made this feature possible (with the dark and white theme). He helped TROM for so long now. Awesome guy!
Tio: Sometimes the TROM Curated News search engine disappears and that's a Google issue. We use a custom google search engine for it (google is still the boss so we have no choice) - just so you know. Today I worked all day to make our next Live stream super awesome in terms of how it looks and sounds. Tomorrow my focus will be to try and finalize a beta for TROM-Jaro to have to ready for the live streaming.
Tio: The live tested and works! It will look super cool and would give us 100% control over how it is going to look like. Very professional! Tune in Saturday 20:00 Madrid time! And the next Saturday wink
Tio: Thank you Erez for the 10USD paypal donation!
Tio: 73% of OverTurism design done. Tomorrow I plan to add some VN docos. We are out of scheduled memes on social networks. Konstantinos said he will help out wink - in other news, I love Linux, especially the Custom Manjaro I built silly and I want to show it to you all very very soon. Tomorrow will do some testing with Dima for the new live to see how we can stream this time properly.
Tio: Another Youtube Live coming soon! Maybe this friday and every friday from now on, will see. Next 2 ones I want to be about TROM-Jaro (will showcase you the entire operating system and overall discuss open source), and second about our Next book OverTourism that will be released in about a week or so. I've set up a great OBS Studio "scene" to look super well and have full control to showcase what I want + I managed to set up a lav-mic so the audio quality should be excellent.
Tio: Our server disk is I have to see what takes up so much space and deal with it. Yet another thing on my to-do list....
Tio: Around 50% done with the OverTourism book design. Man I'm working so fast these days! laugh
Tio: Our first TROM live went well despite not being able to stream the way we wanted to. The feedback was very positive and we increased the monthly donations by 5% or so, which is still significant. We are thinking to do a weekly video-podcast (live) and discuss new or past TROM books, and overall TROM-like subjects, and perhaps allow anyone to participate.
Tio: updated several VN broken links that people have reported. thanks again for reporting them!
Tio: Thank you Justin for the $30 Patreon contribution and thank you Nites for the $23 Patreon contribution! - these days more people have donated money to TROM which is fantastic!
Tio: 33% of the OverTourism book designed! If I manage to work well for the next 7 days I will finish it in a week.
Tio: Thank you Dima for the 20EURO donation (monthly) via Paypal! You help the project in so many ways laugh
Tio: Just sayin' look how amazon orders look like. They have a big button when you finalize your order and if you click that they will subscribe you for 1 year to their shitty amazon prime, and the other "button" where you just want to order looks nothing like a button, is just a simple text. This is how I wrongly clicked once on the big and "normal" button and they subscribed me 1 year to amazon prime because I already had my credit card registered with them. Also, I don't understand spanish very well....but man....these charlatans...they have no shame
Tio: oh wow another donation: Peter 50,00 GBP. Thank you Peter!
Tio: Thank you Willy for the 10EURO monthly paypal donation!!
Tio: And thank you a lot to all who support us monthly via Patreon and Liberapay!
Tio: Thank you Paul for $5 Patreon monthly contribution and Alex for increasing your contribution from $10 a month to $20 a month! You are awesome!
Tio: Forgot to post here about the live.... sorry. I didn't work to stream using Jitsi so I could not share the screen and show some stuff.... but here it is - we did it through hangouts. Maybe we will do a weekly such video-chat. I liked it. Let's see! But we will do it properly with OBS Studio to look great and be able to showcase the screen and lots of other stuff.
Tio: Thanks Yoav for the help! Really!
Tio: Tomorrow is the live wink - working on Dima's OverTourism book design. Yoav got stuck half way through so I said if he wants I can continue it wink - Let's release the book in 2 weeks and then hopefully focus 100% on the big book....
Tio: So I had to go on, something I do super rarely, to check something for TROM's page and I noticed on my "home feed" 2 "interesting things": 1. The sponsored video about Aliens and UFO - and it was not a parody, it was serious. It has over 5.7 million views...for one, how in the fucks can we compete with that when we talk about serious and real problems? And second, our trailer video was removed from such a facebook sponsorship because it contained "graphical imagery of medical procedures" (jezus) and "sensationalist" content. Their words! So how about this fucked up video that could reach 5.7m views? Second, notice the right ads (the other ads) - my adblocker is unable to block them. That means these giants can very well bypass these adblocking tools, which is very concerning.
Tio: Thank you Brandon for the 2$ Patreon contribution!
Tio: The Origin of Most Problems (huge book) - translated into German! - Thank you Aaron! Massive amount of work to translate it! Here is our German page
Tio: Corrected some typos for 2 TROM books reported by readers (thanks!) - updated the TROM torrent file - please update
Tio: Thank you Mathias for the 75,00 NOK Paypal donation! Every donation truly counts!
Tio: added a popup about the live streaming on tromsite and videoneat. i hope to make more people aware about it. need to test if I can stream with OBS Studio (open source).
Tio: Updated some VN reported links. 1-2 hours work. People are reporting broken links for documentaries or submitting new ones. That's encouraging.
Tio: Newsletter sent - about our live streaming on 1st of December 20:00 Madrid time wink
Tio: Working on TROM and watching the Mars landing live laugh - I love these real events not the BS holidays humasn invented then raped them with consumerism. I hope to see less americanism on these missions....their feet and miles are killing me sad - anyways, the live is here (and yeah I know about it because of TROM news silly )
Tio: I am still thinking about doing a weekly live youtube thing....I thought to make a video about raising money, one that is very interesting (and it goes beyond asking financial support), and whenever is ready is ready (like it could be in 1 month or 3) and start the weekly youtube "shows" - unscripted and nothing organized - because I will do 2 things at once: 1. discuss important topics and 2. ask in each episode for financial support. Regardless I will do one live on 1 December and if it goes well will continue to make more, every week. Would be fun and interesting to simply choose a topic and discuss about it with whoever wants to join for 1h. I feel like personally I have lots of stuff to say about lots of things, since I am pumping my head with documentaries and stuff like that. So say this week let's talk about religion, next lets talk about volunteers, then lets talk about the book that we publish, then lets talk about youtube and social media, and so forth. This week it will be mainly about a summary of TROM and future plans - will have Sebastian as a "guest" smile - but more so, as a friend laugh on the show. I definitely don't want this to take too much of my time so I don't want to organize anything for it, maybe except for a few show-notes 30 min before the live. I will announce an hour for it but difficult to say what hour atm...maybe 20:00 Madrid time. But I think it is a much better idea to rely on a well made video for the fundraising campaign instead of a single live video that perhaps only a few people will watch. I have so many things to talk about you have no clue laugh
Tio: I forgot: 3 more apps for backup laugh - one mainly designed for backing up your files, one for your system, and one can do full backup if you want to move your system to another hardware. I also forgot to mention: one app to access your server, one to sync files between computers or phones, one for email. And two more additional educational apps that are all about our universe smile - And of course several music and video players. Jezus, stop! So many apps. But I guarantee you they are not just random apps, they are tested by me over the years and super useful.