Did you ask for money for yourself in TVP’s name and from TVP’s supporters?

Interestingly Roxanne accused me of that in some of her last emails to me and this was so surprising because I never made any donation campaign without it being approved by Roxanne first. So, I never ever asked for money for the magazine until Roxanne approved that. This is almost as nonsensical as being accused of being black, while I am quite white :)). More so the money I asked for TVP Magazine were for TVP Magazine not for myself. 60% went to me and 40% to Ray who was proofreading all articles – we asked for money to be able to make the magazine. Even more than that, I spent a ton of money on hosting, plugins, backups and so many other online accounts for TVPM. So this ‘accusation’ is so ridiculous I have no words for it. And it is sad that Roxanne even thought of saying that. Here you can find the details of what happened between me and TVP, from my own perspective.