How is TROM different from TVP and TZM?

TROM is not that different in terms of what both of these ‘movements’ (The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project) seem to highlight: that today’s monetary system is the source of most problems and we need to move towards a world of abundance. What TROM tries to do is to make this more clear and explain it in easy to understand ways. As an example of making things more clear, we do not say that money is the problem, but any kind of trade (money, gold, barter, bitcoin, and so forth). This is more true than just focusing on money as the problem, because some may think that the issue is in the way money works today and a new kind of currency (like bitcoin for example) might be better. As we argue in “The Money Game and Beyond” ebook the trade itself is the issue, as IT gave rise to the many kinds of monetary systems we experience today. This book is also an example of simplicity where we use many cartoons and a very simple language to explain why trade is the issue, what money is, and what solutions there are. Speaking of solutions we have a humongous amount of materials to detail how a world without trade is possible. Check our books and the documentary for that.

We also don’t see “abundance” as a solution anymore. But trade-free goods and services. We’ve made a few TROM-Casts discussing this topic in length: here, here, here, here and here.