Isn’t scarcity the source of most problems, and not trade?

Although you can, of course, argue that scarcity gave rise to trades. the truth is that in today’s world we already have an abundance of pretty much everything (cars, boats, houses, food, clothes, media, etc.). The only reason we don’t have access to this abundance is because we have to trade for them. So, we would argue, trade should be the main focus in this abundant present and it can be seen as the root of most problems. We describe how trade came into existence in the Money Game and Beyond book, and we detail why trade is the source of most problems in the Origin of Most Problems book. We’ve also made two TROM-Casts “debating” these subjects (25 and 26). Additionally you can read a short blog post by Tio, Why trade and not scarcity?. If you disagree with this idea, after you’ve gone through the above materials, feel free to get in contact with us and challenge these views.