What happened to the TROM Chats?

For the past years we’ve been using a few tools to keep ourselves organized and in touch. From Skype to Slack, to Riot and then NextCloud Talk. We moved from one to another because we had reasons to. For the past two years or so, we started to implement our own tools, on our own server. So we have used Nextcloud Talk for communication since it was part of our Nextcloud installation that we use to host our TROM files.

But the chat was very simple, lacked features, and had no native desktop client making it sluggish. On top of that it locked all users into one environment: we had to create individual accounts for whoever wanted to participate to our discussions, but these accounts could not be used anywhere else.

We moved to Matrix. And to not make this answer too long, you can see our info page about it here. In short, this chat is a proper chat and does not lock you into one particular environment. It is hosted by us so it is trustful and reliable and trade-free. Make a quick account with us, and join tens of millions of people.

The major downside is that right now it does not support public chatrooms like we had for TROM, so you need an account to use those rooms. Sorry for that, but they are working on implementing public chatrooms….Nothing we can personally do for now….

So, our public chatrooms are:

TROM Discussions – #chat:matrix.trom.tf

TROM Translations – #translation:matrix.trom.tf

TROMjaro Support chat – #tromjaro:matrix.trom.tf

If you want to join our TROM Space (that is made up of all of our chats, then use this link).