What happened to the TROM Curated stuff and the live updates?

Recently we move to a new and much better server but in the process, because tromsite.com was a huge mess and a monster in terms of the database (millions of entries stored because of our curated stuff and TBF), the import to the new server was not error free. It resulted in the curated news/videos/etc to slow down all of our websites hosted on that server. As a result we have to remove it. The same plugin was responsible for our live updates.

We fixed the live updates and they can still be found at https://www.tromsite.com/live/ , but we cannot add them to the top slider anymore since it is not a good practice and slows everything down. Sorry.

The curated stuff moved to a brand new project https://tromnews.com/ . It is much much faster and more functional. Tromsite.com will be a website that is focused entirely on the content we create and the tools we create.