What would you reply to someone that says that he likes the TROM direction but the system won’t ever allow this change to happen?

I will say that I agree – this system/world is nearly impossible to change, however think about ‘aging’ – something I use to compare the TROM project with. When I made TROM documentary in 2011 and I talked about ‘aging’ as the cause of most health issues, something I learned from Aubrey DeGrey, it was such a controversial topic and very few looked at it seriously. It was like ‘pseudoscience’. Several years later, and people talk about defeating aging as if it is a normal thing. To make people look at this idea of aging in this new way, it’s a HUGE challenge, and it requires a lot of time and persistence. But once you start to break the normality then things progress quite quickly. Now you can see so many doctors and companies that invest time and money into tackling aging, and only a few years ago talking about it, it was almost like talking about UFOs, that’s how strange it was.

So, in my view, the only way to change the world is through education first. Make people comfortable with the idea of living in a different kind of society where no trade is necessary (money, bitcoin, gold, and such), no property/ownership makes any sense, there are no leaders, countries, and so forth. It is vastly more complex than explaining the “aging” thing, but in the end what’s the alternative? To just ignore all of these and live like the rest and not care? Will that do any better? In my opinion it won’t.

So, first is to make people comfortable with these ideas, and then the chain reaction will follow and all kinds of emerging things will happen: maybe rich people investing into technologies that will bring such a world closer to reality, maybe other more well known people will promote these ideas further, and so forth. And as we explain in great detail in the Money Game and Beyond ebook, this is a never ending journey, no one should imagine that this kind of world will be implemented in 2070 or something like that. It is a journey without an end.