Why did TVP Magazine merge with TROM?

It is extremely difficult to have an answer for that. TVP Magazine was a project that I (Tio) managed for over 3-4 years and in the last year of managing it the relationship between me (and the magazine) and TVP got less and less cooperative, so at one point, after several discussions with Roxanne, we both (I and Roxanne) decided to make the magazine independent of TVP. I merged it with TROM, another project I made before the magazine which I control entirely, because they are on the same track. TVP Magazine was doing what TROM was doing, and vice-versa, so merging them was the perfect solution. From my personal point of view, TVP ignored the magazine way too much for the past year of the project, and so they are (in my view) to blame for not continuing with the project. Regardless I think that merging the magazine with TROM is a much more productive endeavour as I have the freedom to post whatever I find scientific and relevant to this direction and not be forced to tie everything to one organization like The Venus Project. This makes the new TROM Project a more scientific project than before. Keep in mind that TVP Magazine was almost entirely my work, except one layer of reviewing for all articles done by Ray, and proofreading (again) done by Ray. So nothing changed in that regard. Here you can find the details of what happened between me and TVP, from my own perspective http://www.tiotrom.com/tvp-and-me/