Why focus on trade (a behavior) rather than the environment which induces behavior?

Trade is an “action”, more like “sharing” or “stealing”. This action is made by humans. Acted by humans. The action itself can be called a “behavior” (James trades his data to Google to access Google’s services). So it is Jame’s behavior at play here. What makes James do that? Mostly it is the structure of our world-wide society where people are forced to trade in order to “obtain”. Obtain goods and services. This environment gives people little to no choice so they have to trade. Like having a job in order to get food and accommodation, and so on. We are living in a trade-based-society where everyone has to trade their skills, energy, time and so forth in order to be part of this system. So, in this regards, we focus on this trade-based environment that forces people to trade and thus creating an imbalance of power that gives rise to harmful behaviors, which in turn create most of the problems that we see in the world today. If we are to eliminate this environment that forces people to trade, then people won’t have to trade anymore, and thus that behavioral trait will disappear. We explain in detail how this trade-based society (environment) shapes people’s behavior, turning them into charlatans, thieves, or abusers – see our The Origin of Most Problems book.