Why seems the TROM Project to be completely unaware of the fact that most of its ideas are not original but have been developed and discussed for hundreds of years in the anarchist/socialist movement for example by Petr Kropotkin and Murray Bookchin.

TROM is not about promoting “original” ideas nor it proclaims to do so. TROM’s core message is that trade is the source of most problems and we have to create a world where trade is unnecessary: based on open source, abundance, automation, volunteers, and the like. TROM is also about science and challenging today’s norms. I (Tio) am not familiar with the above, but if they talk about the same message then it is even better. Actually “money as the source of most problems” is an old idea dating thousands of years in the past, but what TROM does is to clarify it and say that “trade and not money” is the source of most problems. Today it is widely understood that money corrupts politicians, muddies the science, and creates a ton of issues. So there is nothing new under the Sun here. Again, the only thing TROM does is to explain in detail why trade and not money is the problem, and what solutions there can be to lead to a trade-free world. The more people are going to promote the message, the better for all of us, because TROM is about an idea, not about a project. Projects and people die, ideas survive ;).