Will TROM ever be monetized?

Never. Period.

TROM will always remain trade free. Meaning we won’t ask you for anything in order to access the stuff TROM produces. Whatever TROM produces is, and always will be, available as trade free: for viewing, downloading, editing, redistributing and sharing. Even if we run out of funds, that can only have an impact on tromsite.com (domain and server), and a few of our accounts, plus producing new TROM content. But all of the past TROM content is already available online as peer to peer sharing. Meaning, the TROM content is already stored on multiple computers all around the world independent of or our control. So, past TROM materials are already into the wild ;). All of these materials can be downloaded by anyone, from here. On top of that, TROM is made by many volunteers who dedicate (or dedicated) a lot of their time to create new content for the project, help with proofreading, translating, website management, and so forth, therefore in order to monetize TROM it would mean to forcefully profit on the backs of all of those people, and this is the worst thing TROM can do. I hope it is clear that TROM will never be monetized in any way. We won’t sell stuff, we won’t lock stuff behind paywalls, we won’t give preferential access to those who donate to us, and so forth.

So, TROM is trade free and always will be.