There are a bunch of ways for any of you to help this project. We are trying to keep TROM as a decentralized project and provide opportunities for anyone to help this project grow. We want you to know that whatever you do for the project is a direct contribution and you are a part of the project as much as any of us are. We want to thank you for helping, although there is no need for that since we work together to grow TROM and its baby projects.

You can help translate any materials we have, text or audio. This way we can reach more people from all around the world.

1. The Documentary: we use this spreadsheet that provides access to all the parts of the documentary and their respective AMARA links for ease of subtitling. AMARA is a great online tool that is open for anyone who registers on the website (for free), so that any volunteer can start working on any subtitle right away. Once a subtitle is done, we will add it to, the documentary page.

2. The Books: anyone has access to our books in either LibreOffice Draw or PDF format so that you can start translating them right away. You can access them all from our SAVE page ("TROM eBooks" folder). To not duplicate the work, please check if the book you want to translate is already translated in that language: for that, visit the homepage and check the "flags". After you are done, please send us the PDF of the book so we can also publish on in our online format that converts any PDF into a digital book format. If there are enough materials translated into that particular language then we will make a specific page for that language and add the book there, if not the book will be added to the "translated books" page.

Additional info:

At times we use some custom fonts for our books, and they are all available at our SAVE page ("TROM eBooks/Draw/.fonts" folder) - install them before translating any book. Alternatively you can use any font that matches the original one.

If you want to replace our English sources (links) with links from the language that you are translating the book into, you can do that but pay attention to what links you choose. An English Wikipedia source replaced with a Spanish Wikipedia source is ok, but make sure you find similar sources for the other links if you wish to replace them. Another tip: if you are going to use other sources than Wikipedia, archive these links whenever possible with the Internet's Archive "Wayback Machine". This way links will not be removed from the Internet in the future.

Keep the name of the PDFs EXACTLY the same if you are going to later edit them, so when you send us the updated PDFs we can just upload to our servers and that will replace the old PDFs with the new ones. If your original PDF that you send us is called "Behaving: From Genes to Gender" please don't send us the updated version as "Behaving From Genes to Gender" or "Behaving from genes to Gender" because it makes it harder to update it on the website.

3. The Memes: we create images with snippets from our books to share on social networks, and now you can translate those too. Head over to our SAVE page, and you'll find all of our memes in TROM eBooks/Memes folder. Inside that folder there are several folders for each book - click, open, and find the odg (Draw project) file. This file you can open with LibreOffice Draw and simply start translating the memes. After you are done you can export to PDF and then convert the PDF to images. You can use Master PDF Editor or other such programs for the job. In the TROM eBooks/Memes/Chaos folder you'll find all of our memes in image format - these cannot be edited as easily, but still available if anyone wants to add a colored block over the English text and translate into another language.

4. The Videos: we create a bunch of video series for TROM and we use this spreadsheet for making subtitles in AMARA. Once a subtitle is done, it will be added to Our Video Books series also provides the videos without narration so anyone can dub (voice-over) them. Head over to our SAVE page, then to TROM Videos/TROM Books/Without Narration folder to access them. After you dub a Video Book, please send it to us as well so we can post on tromsite - if there are enough materials translated into that particular language we will make a page for that language at and post the video there.

5. The Trailer: if you want to subtitle our tromsite trailer then use this AMARA link. After you finish a subtitle, leave a comment so we can update/add it to tromsite. If you want to dub the trailer, go to our SAVE page (folder TROMsite Trailer) to access the trailer without narration. Send us the video and if there are enough materials translated into that particular language then we will create a separate page for that language and post the video trailer there.

6. The Website: translating the website is nearly impossible since it is full of different kind of materials/tools. Thus we came up with a solution: if there are enough TROM materials translated into a particular language we will make a special page for that language. Here is the template for it.

7. TROM-Jaro: this TROM Linux operating system comes in multiple languages, however the website ( needs to be translated manually. If you want to help please contact us here, and we will give you complete access to simply click and translate in any language. It is extremely easy.

The more eyes we have the more well made our content is. If you want to help proofreading (spotting typos) then you can simply do that for any TROM materials. If you spot a typo (website, books, etc.) simply use our contact page and send a quick email. It really helps a lot. If you want to help with proofreading entire TROM books or other TROM materials before they go public, use the same contact form and let us know about and we will set everything up for you!

Our TROM materials are very well researched but we would love to have more eyes looking at their sources/claims before they go public. If you think you have the time to check our books (or other materials) before they go public, let us know and we will set up everything for that.

If you think TROM should address a particular subject or you want to criticize/improve this project, the best way to do it is to write a book for TROM. This way you get our full feedback and the full TROM exposure.

The advantages of writing for TROM:

1. You learn how to present a subject.

2. You will learn how to face healthy criticism because we will ask questions about your book and put it under the microscope. The purpose is to make it bulletproof. No worries, everything is super friendly and meant to make your book much better. We will work together on this.

3. You will have your book proofread and designed. The proofreading is basic and you have the last word in any change that is made to the text (your writing style will be preserved). The design will enhance your book and you will also have the last word in regards to it.

4. Your book will be promoted like all TROM books are. We will make memes out of it and post on our social networks, and in the future, we will make videos out of it or an audiobook, or add it to our huge TROM quiz.

6. Your book will be available online as HTML5, plain text, and as PDF.

5. You own your book. After we post it via TROM, you can also post it anywhere you want to in any format you want to. You will have a copy of your book in PDF and plain text format that you can use any way you want to (of course).

Tips for writing:

1. Write about stuff that you consider super important. Please do not send books you already wrote. We want to post original content on TROM and we will check every book to see if it was posted anywhere else before.

2. Let us know please what the subject will be so that we can check to see if we covered it previously. Describe it a bit.

3. Write as if you explain it to a 10 year old - We always try to do that so everyone understands. TROM is not a scientific journal, by contrary, it is "something" that tries to explain complex and important topics in very simple ways (simple language).

4. If you can, use Libre Office Writer to write the book (it is an open source format based on trade-free software).

5. Use sources for your claims. If you claim something then try to make it as scientific as possible and source that claim. Wikipedia, scientific articles, governmental sources, are among the best to base your claims on. Try avoiding shady/controversial websites/sources.

6. Make the subject global: we don't focus on local issues or solutions since our problems are global and they require global solutions. You can start by explaining in detail a local problem/solution then expand it globally.

7. Always try to provide a solution if you present a problem.

8. Do not write for TROM, write for yourself, then send it to us. This way, if for some reasons your book is not approved, you won't feel like you wasted your time writing it. You can always publish what you wrote on your personal website or social network ;).

If you have any question just contact us.

We don't want to rely entirely on centralized servers (companies) for our content, so we are trying to decentralize it.

TROM: We are trying to decentralize all TROM files (over 100GB) but it is super difficult because we need to do it in a dynamic manner (so that this MAIN TROM folder can get updated very often and the updates to be pushed to everyone). We tried the DAT and IPFS networks but none works properly. We will continue to try and whenever we find a good option we will post it here. In the meantime you can help decentralize whatever files you find as p2p (magnet icon).

VideoNeat: if you want to help decentralize documentaries/lectures or movies that are science based and hand-curated, simply go to and use the magnet links - download and seed. It will help a lot!

TROM-Jaro: go to the install page, download TROM-Jaro and seed!

You can simply join us in several ways to keep in contact with us, help here and there with whatever you can, express your ideas, and so forth.

TROM-Cast: every week, on Thursday (at 19:00 or 18:00 UTC) we are going live on several platforms like YouTube and Fecabook to talk about interesting subjects. We post all such TROM-Casts on tromsite too, so we don't rely on these 3rd party platforms. We stream using trade-free software and anyone can participate without the need of an account or special permission. We use Jitsi Meet for the video-call, and OBS Studio for everything else. The day of the cast we post a Jitsi Meet link on our TROM Live and anyone can click and participate (it works as an app or in the browser directly). We encourage anyone to participate. Alternatively you can write us live in YouTube or Facebook chat and we will try to respond to you in the cast.

Riot: we use this trade-free software to manage all of our TROM stuff. It is like Skype + Slack, but better in many regards and trade-free. We have several rooms for translations, discussions, and so forth. Anyone can join us if they request to do so, mainly in the TROM Discussion room that is designed for "general discussions". A bunch of us are always there to engage ;). Contact us if you want to join any of our rooms.

Email: although some may regard email as an old and not-so-used technology, TROM is quite active on email. If you want to talk to us more indirectly, we suggest email.