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Science is the best tool humans have to understand ourselves and the world we live in. Without it we are zebras. Or ants. Or any other creature that cannot understand much of its environment. So in order to build a sane society, we need to have a scientific understanding of reality.

Who or what is responsible for the worldwide pollution? destruction of the environment? Waste? Killing of most animals on this planet? Violence? Or, who what is responsible for rockets, the Internet, vaccines and medicines, and so forth? The answer is humans! So if we want to fix our problems or improve our society, we need to understand them, the humans.

Human behavior is a creation of the environment, and therefore we must ask what is that environment. The answer is: trade. The worldwide trade system is what drives people to do things, whatever they are. Therefore we need a deep understanding of this environment.

Technology is what allows humans to do things: build, destroy, explore, create, enhance, improve. But what is this technology all about? How good is it? How helpful is it? Play this quiz to uncover its wonders.