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This is a donation campaign to help me, Tio, buy a new laptop that will allow me to become more mobile while having all I need to work on TROM and its baby projects. Let me explain.

This is my current situation:

I have a laptop that I bought in 2016 or so. For the technical ones, this is a core i7-7700HQ, 4 cores, 8 threads. An Nvidia GTX 1050 Mobile and 32 GB of RAM. I have a 500GB internal SSD that is much older than the laptop, so at times it freezes on me when I compile TROMjaro or do other drive-intensive tasks.

I have a shoe box as you can see bellow where I have 20TB of very slow Hard Drives, the cheap kind. Plus, a lot of cables. A LOT.

The laptop itself is not well built. Only the lid is made out of metal, but the lid frame and the rest is plastic. Although I almost never closed the lid, the plastic started to peal off and now my screen is 60% glued on all sides. The hinges are also glued and overall I am afraid to close the lid because I will destroy the display. It is quite hard for me to show you, but here I took some photos:


Now the laptop itself is ok, except the SSD that’s not doing well and it is quite small in size. I would not want to change this laptop if it wasn’t for the build quality. I cannot do anything about the build quality tho, since whatever I replace, I replace with the same build quality. This laptop was like this almost from the moment I bought it. The battery seems like non existent on this laptop. So currently it takes me around 11-12 hours to render 1 part of the TROM II documentary that I am currently working on, and some 50 minutes to compile a new TROMjaro ISO. It is ok, I can put up with that, but would for sure help to have a faster machine.

Therefore, I would love to have a really well built laptop that I can keep for a decade or so. A metal built one for that matter, one that is easy to repair and upgrade.

Second reason why I want a new laptop is because starting next year, towards the end of it, my life will change. After TROM II is released, I will move. Maybe we will try to buy a motorhome and be mobile, go meet other similar groups like TROM, and overall continue the work on this project. Therefore I for sure need a laptop not a desktop that I have now. I want to take all of the stuff you see in the first photo, and put it into 1 single laptop.

Over 90% of the time I spend on my personal laptop, I spend it for TROM. I work on TROM II, I work on TROMjaro, servers, videoneat, you name it! Actually would be easier to think what else I do except my TROM work. I watch some documentaries at times, read news and such. Even those I then add on VideoNeat or TROMnews haha. Therefore, I think it is fair to ask for a bit of help to make my life and work easier, because in the end that work gets translated into all of the TROM projects you know. That’s my life, that’s what I do.

After weeks and weeks of trying to find a good laptop I think I settled my mind on one. It is the Slimbook Executive 16. It is all metal built, easy to upgrade and fairly easy to repair. They sell parts too and give you a 3 year warranty. I need a big screen, my current one is 17.3” and this one is 16” but it’s as tall as mine, having an aspect ration of 16:10. It is just 1.5kg and very slim. Under the hood it has an i7-12700H and the NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti. In essence 3-4 times more powerful than my current laptop desktop. I am buying the storage separately and that’s super expensive since I need a few TB of SSDs, and I will use the 32GB of RAM from my current one. Slimbook is also built for Linux, so that’s a plus. Having this laptop would be fantastic for me and my needs.

Thing is, now they provide a 150 Euros discount that only lasts for a week. I will probably buy it regardless if I raise all of the money here. I will use my savings and whatever we have, so that I get it cheaper. Then hopefully I can get some support here too.

In my entire life I only had 5 computers. And that’s from like 2004 or so. Only 2 laptops. I always try to maximize my electronics and I will try to sell my old laptop too, but I can’t fix it for my needs. If I could, trust me, I would. I always bring back to life dead electronics and am happy to not see them thrown away or being unused.

So, if you can help out a bit so I can cover the costs for this laptop, I would be very thankful!

In a few months time, before May I hope, I will release the TROM II documentary, some 6h of content. 🙂