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The only money we need, is to keep ourselves afloat (pay for rent and our basic needs – around 1.000 Euros a month -), so that we can work on this documentary.

Please consider a donation.



In 2011, I (Tio) created a 14h documentary called “TROM” that was about encompassing all of the knowledge I had about the world at that time, and compressing it into a video format. It was, in my view, a tiny manual of who we are and what we do on this planet. More importantly, it was about what we can do to change the ugly face of this society into a saner one. Ten years later, I want to do it again. To add another layer to the story. Based on all of the knowledge I have gathered up until now, I want to give it a second try. Today, I know a lot more than I knew in 2011. Several written books later, thousands of documentaries/lectures/videos and articles that I’ve seen/read in these past years…all of that I want to merge into an epic journey that I call TROM II. 


I only need money for my basic needs: Rent + Internet + Food + Bills overall + Server costs. That’s all. I do not need anything else more than keeping myself alive and well for 1 year or so, to finish the documentary.  In all, I need around 1.000 Euros a month for 12 months to make the documentary. If we do not raise all of the money, then I will work on TROM II for as many months as I have money for, and I will either pause the project until I get the rest of the money, or try to sustain myself in other ways in order to finish it.


If all goes well and we raise all of the funds, I hope to release the documentary in 2021, at the end of the year, or at the beginning of 2022. The documentary will be released on and will be available to everyone as trade-free. We treat everyone as equal, regardless of whether they can donate to this campaign or not. TROM II will also be ready for dubbing and translations, and could be released in several languages. The work is already underway, with live updates posted below. If you want to contact us, do so here.