These are our trade-free tools made with the help of volunteers and donations. Some are hosted at, some are independent (website-wise).


Curated News, Videos, and Podcasts

We are curating news from tens of sources to eliminate the click-bait and put a focus on "real" news from domains that really impact our society. 3D printing, healthcare, self-driving vehicles, open source, online privacy, skepticism, scientific research, citizen science, or the maker movement. It takes a lot of time to understand how and what to filter to only showcase the most important news from around the world. Our curated videos are almost entirely centered around educational videos - understand how the world works! Lastly our recommended podcasts are free to listen to and are a combination of the two: both news oriented and educational. The curated news and videos are updating automatically every hour, while the podcasts list it is manually updated.

We also provide a custom search engine that searches only using the sources we manually select and everything is easily categorized for better sorting. If you want to search if vaccines are safe, this is the perfect search engine. Want to find a trade-free video editor? Same! What about the latest in 3D printing? Use the same search engine and filter the results by category 😉


We have several Quiz types based on our books. In total hundreds of questions which make it super fun and engaging to learn about TROM and the world in general. The Quiz stores the results in the browser so you can always play new Quizzes until you go through them all. You will also be faced with links to the books a Quiz is, in order to read more about an answer, because these Quizzes are not to measure your level of knowledge, they are a fun way for you to learn.  from Because we have so much book-content we have a lot more ground to cover with these Quizzes.

TBF Search Engine

We made a huge search engine that searches through millions of items to showcase who owns what. Add there the name of anything (like brands): for beers, chocolate, cars, laptops, phones, food, supermarkets, movies, books, authors, singers, whatever you can imagine. You will also see a big infographic showcasing the power of a these few companies in the world.


We curate hundreds/thousands of lectures, documentaries, and scientific movies. We are also helping at decentralizing these materials so that they are available for everyone. You can add any materials to you favorite list even without creating an account with VideoNeat.