TROM is not only about the materials it creates, like the books, videos, documentaries and so forth, but also about the tools it creates. The following are our baby projects, each may contain several tools, and each is trade-free, since that is our focus in order to combat the very harmful trade-based society we live in.


This website is meant to provide a reliable stream of news to everyone. From science to technology, debunking myths to the bad influences of trade, or the positive projects that are out there. We curate through hundreds of sources and it has become our own internal tool that keeps us informed on a daily basis. Articles, videos, podcasts, and even illustrations, they are all educational and of a good quality.

Of course, we are unable to 100% curated it from the BS (Bad Science), so keep that in mind while using it, and report to us if you spot any of that BS.



Your brain is your hard drive. And your thoughts are the Operating System that uses your hard drive as the main and only data. If the hard drive is full of nonsense, then the software (thoughts, and thus one’s behavior) is also nonsense. Therefore, you should fill your brain with good quality materials.

VideoNeat is full of documentaries, courses and even a few movies that are all hand-curated to ensure that they are as scientific and as relevant as possible. And they are all available via torrents, decentralized.


The digital journey starts with your device, and the “brain” of this device is the Operating System (OS). If the OS is forcing you to trade with it (collects your data, inserts ads, asks for currency) then the digital world becomes a market from the get-go. This is why we customized a Linux distribution to be trade-free, and we made sure that it is equipped with the best tools to allow you to do pretty much any task on a computer without trading anything to anyone.

On top of that, we are curating a lot of trade-free applications, so that everyone has access to a full-featured operating system and thousands of trade-free apps.

Our digital world is so ingrained into everyone’s life, but unfortunately this world is full of trades: you trade your data, attention, or currency to everyone. A trade-free OS is not enough! People nowadays are using websites more than they use their OS. This is why we are creating a lot of online services to replace the well-known and (unfortunately) widely used services like Dropbox, Youtube, Google Drive, Wetransfer, Facebook and the like.

Believe it or not, we are providing trade-free alternatives to most of these online services (social networks, video hosting platforms, file hosting, and so on). Take a look and see for yourself!

Trade-Free is perhaps our most valuable project because it is about a very powerful idea: if this society is based on trade, and this trade destroys pretty much everything (people’s lives, the environment, the development of science and technology, and so forth), then creating trade-free goods and services should (in theory) push aside this infectious disease (trade) from our lives, little by little. It also gives everyone a tool to use and do something about, rather than simply complaining about how bad our trade-based society is. Anyone can create trade-free goods and services, now!

On top of this, we created the trade-free directory (part of the website) where we list many trade-free goods and services from around the world. And anyone can help us add more to the list – we made it super easy for anyone to do so.

In essence, this project provides a powerful tool for anyone to do something about this trade-based society to try and push it aside. And also, it showcases what others do in this direction.