Please “steal” all of our TROM materials! We made these for you, and you, and you, and everyone. Trade free! Contrary to most organizations, we encourage people to download and share our materials. The more people having our materials, the more reliable it is for these materials to live in this digital realm. Note that the non-official sources are not managed by us, so use them at your own risk. We review each such source before we publish on, but we cannot control/keep an eye on these folders and the changes made to them. We call all of these options, “islands”. Anyone can create a TROM-island :). Just find an online file storage service, upload all of our files there, and share the island with us so we can publish it here.



We have our own cloud from where we share all of our files, except our videos that can be downloaded from (documentary, videos). This is because we don’t have enough storage space to store all of our videos at TROMcloud. The biggest advantage is that we have 100% control over our files via our TROMcloud.



Keybase is a very interesting service that provides almost a trade-free file storage + multiple tools that revolved around this storage, such as chats, teams, and so forth. They provide applications for all platforms and direct access to the hosted files via any browser. This “island” is created and maintained by Alexio.