Please “steal” all of our TROM materials! We made these for you, and you, and you, and everyone. Trade free! Contrary to most organizations, we encourage people to download and share our materials. The more people having our materials, the more reliable it is for these materials to live in this digital realm.

TROM Files

All of our files (videos, photos, books, and so forth) are available via our TROM Files, our own NextCloud instance. They are automatically synced to our main TROM Folder, so if you want to find any of our materials, then this is the place to go. It is however, not a very good idea to grab our files from TROMĀ Files if you want to get a lot of them at once (like downloading our entire video gallery). For that please use the Syncthing method.


This is the most reliable method to grab all of our TROM files at once. It is decentralized (you take them directly from us – no server), and the most up to date. You have the advantage of syncing our TROM Main folder with your local one, so it will automatically download the latest files (updates). Email us to give you access (that’s how Syntching works), and please send us your Syncthing ID.