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Please “steal” all of our TROM materials! We made these for you, and you, and you, and everyone. Trade free! Contrary to most organizations, we encourage people to download and share our materials. The more people having our materials, the more reliable it is for these materials to live in this digital realm. Note that the non-official sources are not managed by us, so use them at your own risk. We review each such source before we publish on tromsite.com, but we cannot control/keep an eye on these folders and the changes made to them. We call all of these options, “islands”. Anyone can create a TROM-island :). Just find an online file storage service, upload all of our files there, and share the island with us so we can publish it here.

The total of TROM files is around 150GB in size and growing!



This is the most reliable method to grab all of our TROM files at once. It is decentralized (you take them directly from us – no server), and the most up to date. You have the advantage of syncing our TROM Main folder with your local one, so it will automatically download the latest files (updates). The downside is that you cannot download individual files, only the entire folder, plus you need the Syncthing (trade-free) app for the job. Email us to give you access (that’s how Syntching works).



The DAT Network is a decentralized network (no servers required), but since it is still a bit experimental we cannot guarantee that you will be able to easily access these files. In order to access the files you need either the Beaker Browser of the DAT Desktop application. When this method works, it is as reliable as Syncthing and much easier to utilize since you do not have to ask for permission in order to access the files. Through this method (DAT) you have access to all of the TROM files.



Unfortunately, because we cannot afford a better server for TROM-Cloud, our official cloud, you can only find our books (PDF, plain text,or Draw format), together with the TROM-Jaro folder. The advantage of TROM-Cloud is that you can preview the files without downloading them. If we would have more financial support we could store all of our files on TROM Cloud.

ARCHIVE (video/audio)


This is our official Internet Archive account where you can find all of our video and audio files that we also use to stream on tromsite.com. It is always up to date in regards to these files, but of course it lacks many of other TROM files such as our books in different formats, images, text files, pdfs, and so forth. One advantage is that you can grab these files directly from their servers or via the torrent file that they provide + they have automated conversions of files so you’ll find multiple formats to choose from.

Live Updates