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Equal contributions by a handful of people, to distribute the financial support in order to make it sustainable and fair for all.
We hope to find 200 people on this planet that can support TROM.

The wonderful humans who have supported or are still supporting this campaign:

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    Nikhil Kulkarni


    Michael Lefebvre




    Wilf Bentley


    Johanna Gundermann


    Panayotis Avyerinos


    Darby Lines


    Elias Loukas


    Allows us to create massive documentaries. We rarely release documentaries because they take a lot of time and effort. For example the recently released TROM II documentary took 3 years to finish. 

    These epic journeys can change perspectives.

    We have created over 30 books and we want to create more. Books allows us to explore important topics in great detail. 

    These books, for example, took several years to make:

    EN – The Origin of Most ProblemsEN – The Money Game and BeyondEN – For-Profit Entertainment

    We will make more videos despite not being able to do that many recently. However we are keeping TROM-Cast alive and engaging.

    We want to invite more people and have sharp discussions with them.

    We are providing a lot of tools to make sure that we cultivate smart and curious brains, without being consumed by this society.

    And we will provide even more if we get enough support!

    We created a trade-free operating system so that your gateway to the digital world is controlled by you. No more ads, trackers, or bullshit.

    We also curate hundreds of awesome apps:

    Now that your device is your friend, and you have access to so many trade-free apps to discover and express yourself, you should feed your brain with sane and scientific news and videos, or wonderful photos unlayering our amazing world which contrasts the illustrations that portray a cold and honest depiction of our society.

    Curated by us from hundreds of sources!

    But we do not stop there!

    We provide a platform full of documentaries and lectures to help people grow scientific, curious and focused minds.

    So you have access to original content created by TROM, your Operating System is taking care of you, and you can use a lot of trade-free apps, read/watch sane news, videos, and documentaries.

    The final step is to:

    ditch facebook

    and use

    trom social

    ditch google drive

    and use

    trom files

    ditch youtube

    and use

    trom videos

    You can go ahead and ditch Discord, Google Maps, WeTransfer, and more.


    We are pushing the trade-free movement as brave as we can, and we know that it takes time for any movement to become something, but we need to try this new bold approach.

    We need servers and backups, and to provide the basic needs for at least one human to make sure all of these work and keep on being relevant.

    If you still want to donate non-recurring and larger amounts, then you can always do so bellow, but please understand that our main focus is small monthly donations to make it sustainable.



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