The Elephant in the Room is about a ‘mysterious’ force that makes people behave badly (cheat, steal, lie, pollute, waste, become greedy, and so forth). We can experience its effects on people from all around the world, yet many seem to not recognize “it” as a problem, or they are not even aware of “it”. Like a fish in the water that is being pushed by the water current, people on this planet are pushed by this mysterious force. And that force is “trade”. Our world-wide society pushes people into a constant trade with each other, and that creates an imbalance of power. An imbalance that will destroy our species if left alone. Let’s meet this force, understand it, accept it and fight against it.

Rarely we create documentaries out of our eBooks. These documentaries are entirely based on the books themselves but they may differ here and there in terms of the script and overall presentation, but in general they are the same as the books. All sources for all of our videos are greatly detailed/sourced in the books they are based upon.

Spoken-word type videos that summarize various subjects with an understanding of today’s outdated trade game.

TROM Voices is all about highlighting interesting minds from all around the world by video editing their mindful words. Jacque Fresco, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, or any other human with interesting ideas could be part of this series.

These videos are short snippets from our TROM materials, or newly created snippets based on external sources. The “negative” snippets are black, and the “positive” ones are white ;).

Our video podcast where we discuss one main subject + answer questions from people and discuss the most interesting TROMnews. The interesting part is that we allow anyone to participate in our cast, plus anyone can suggest topics for the next casts. So, embark into hours of live-streams about topics like automation, science, religion, trade, behavior, and what not.

Whatever does not fit into the other categories, will be posted here. TROM Documentary excerpts, other live-streams that are not part of TROM-Cast, or videos we make about interesting things, are all going to be part of the “Others”.