We are continuously making new videos. Some are based on our books and they can be as long, or longer than full-length documentaries, some are original (poems) and short, and others are based on interesting minds like Jacque Fresco, Carl Sagan, George Carlin, Richard Feynman and the like, which we highlight through video editing, hopefully making some impactful videos out of all that. We are also trying to make a weekly video podcast discussing interesting topics, presenting the most interesting news (from our curated tool) of the week, and allowing anyone to participate and have a voice, and of course challenge our project if they want to :).

TIPS: Any video can be linked to or embed. Click play for any video, then once it starts hover with the mouse over the video and you will see 2 buttons: LINK and EMBED. The LINK button creates a link to the timestamp of the video itself. This way you can choose to share a video starting from any timestamp. If you want to embed a video (the EMBED button) then it will embed the entire video starting from the beginning of it. If you wish for the embedded video to start at a certain timestamp, simply add the minute and seconds after the video ID in the embed code. In this example <iframe src=”,4m40s” allowfullscreen width=”678″ height=”553″ frameborder=”0″ style=”max-width:100%”></iframe> the video ID is “fpv_11” and the timestamp is added after a comma (4m40s). In this case the video starts at the minute 4, second 40.

The Elephant in the Room is about a ‘mysterious’ force that makes people behave badly (cheat, steal, lie, pollute, waste, become greedy, and so forth). We can experience its effects on people from all around the world, yet many seem to not recognize “it” as a problem, or they are not even aware of “it”. Like a fish in the water that is being pushed by the water current, people on this planet are pushed by this mysterious force. And that force is “trade”. Our world-wide society pushes people into a constant trade with each other, and that creates an imbalance of power. An imbalance that will destroy our species if left alone. Let’s meet this force, understand it, accept it and fight against it. This video series is managed by Aaron.

We create documentaries out of our eBooks. These documentaries are entirely based on the books themselves but they may differ here and there in terms of the script and overall presentation, but in general they are the same as the books. All sources for all of our videos are greatly detailed/sourced in the books they are based upon. These videos are also available without the narration voice so anyone can dub them into any language. See here about how you can do it.

These videos are short snippets from our TROM materials, or newly created snippets based on external sources. The “negative” snippets are black, and the “positive” ones are white ;). You can find the sources for all Snippets, here. This series is entirely managed by Aaron.

Our (almost) weekly video podcast where we discuss one main subject each week + answer questions from people and discuss the most interesting TROM Curated News of the week. The interesting part is that we allow anyone to participate in our cast via Jitsi Meet (a trade-free application), plus anyone can suggest topics for the next casts. So, embark into hours of live-streams about topics like automation, science, religion, trade, behavior, and what not. We also have an audio version of the cast, here. And here you can find all of the Show Notes.

62. Mental Disorders

Whatever does not fit into the other categories, will be posted here. TROM Documentary excerpts, other live-streams that are not part of TROM-Cast, or videos we make about interesting things, are all going to be part of the “Others”.

31. Interview with Tio by AllReal