This project argues that trade is the origin of most problems: from climate change to slavery, waste and pollution, corruption, crime, you name it. And if we understand the cause, we have a chance to come up with realistic solutions. We backup up these claims via documentaries, books and videos that are freely available for everyone.


We have created two massive documentaries for the past decade. They are the result of years of work and aim to compile a lot of knowledge into one single thing. We think that they are perhaps the best way to introduce people to the TROM project because they are very easy to digest and require the least amount of effort (sit down, click play, and watch). The topics discussed are plenty, but the aim is one.


We have written and designed tens of books for the past years. The subjects range from understanding our trade based society in detail, to looking at the human behavior, language, norms, technology and so on. Some books are very short, yet some are massive spanning across several hundreds of pages. We source all of our claims, and every book is available in both an online format, or offline as PDF.


Some of the videos that we make are based on our books and they can be as long, or longer than full-length documentaries; some are original (poems) and short, and others are based on interesting minds like Jacque Fresco, Carl Sagan, George Carlin, Richard Feynman, and the like. We are also trying to make a video podcast from time to time discussing interesting topics.


We create a lot of trade-free and educational tools: from curated news, videos, and photos, to documentaries and lectures aimed to keep everyone sane and informed. We’ve also created/enabled trade-free social networks, file storage, video platforms, and more, together with a custom made Linux operating system. We need to keep ourselves sane in an insane world, and these tools aim to create a digital environment for that.


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