SAVE TROM: Because the Internet is not a 'forever' place and stuff tend to be deleted for all kinds of reasons, we created a torrent file of all of the TROM content (the documentary, videos, audiobooks, the books in all formats). You can help by downloading and seeding them using the links bellow. Alternatively you can find all of our stuff on Dropbox.


-  09.06.2018 - updated Books (PDF and Draw folder) - so please delete the  folder TROM eBooks/Draw and TROM eBooks/PDF and download the magnet again - magnet#

-  05.05.2018 - updated some PDF books again - magnet#

-  23.04.2018 - updated some PDF books - magnet#

-  02.04.2018 - added the new (corrected, edited, improved) PDF books, plus Draw project files for the books that are made into Draw. Please, if you are a seeder for TROM Torrent already, remove from the "TROM eBooks"  folder the following folders: "PDF" and "Plain Text". That's all. Just use this magnet and download in the same location so only the new files will be downloaded. - magnet#

-  16.01.2018 - added the videos without narration for our videobooks, and added the trailer (with and without narration). Also, I changed the plain text books extension from a Microsoft one to an open source one. Basically TROM books in plain text format are in a open source format now. As always, to update the torrent, remove the old one from your torrent client (but not the files), then click this magnet link and download in the same location where the old files are. And you can also delete all of the “.docx” books from the folder TROM/TROM eBooks/Plain Text. That’s all. Keep on seeding! 😉  - magnet#

-  09.12.2017 - updated all PDF books + added new video episodes and audiobooks; I also updated the folder structure to reflect the new changes to the site (more intuitive now)  - magnet#