Please "steal" all of our TROM materials! We made these for you, and you, and you, and everyone. Trade free! Contrary to most organizations, we encourage people to download and share our materials. The more people having our materials, the more reliable it is for these materials to live long in this digital realm.



Retroshare is a powerful tool to decentralize file sharing and communication. We are testing it for our entire project management. It provides chats, forums, file-sharing, email and more. We are sharing TROM files internally between TROM "members" but with this public link anyone can access these files if they have Retroshare installed. Click here to install it, or if you use TROM-Jaro simply search for it in the Software Center. Retroshare needs no servers, it only relies on direct connections between people.



Although Dropbox is a company and a centralized file sharing service, it is still the most reliable right now since the decentralized alternatives do not work as well at the moment. We need a way to share files in a dynamic manner and peer to peer methods are not usually built for that, except the DAT Network.