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TROM ebooks are available in multiple formats: online reading (flash, HTML5), PDF, Plain Text (google docs), audio format, and video. Please keep in mind that the PDF is still in beta so there might be errors with this format. We recommend reading the books online. Also, please note that we just started to make audiobooks and videos out of these ebooks, so most ebooks won't be available in these formats because of that. More than that, the audio and video versions of TROM ebooks are slightly different from the ebooks themselves (we may add new video materials, interviews, excerpts from videos, etc. for these versions - and they will lack the full extent of links and videos from the main online format of ebooks). Despite all of that, all formats are similar to the ebook they represent. One last thing, empty buttons mean that they are not 'functional' (those formats are not available). Because it takes a long time to make these books in audio and video formats we made separate pages for them all so that anyone can keep track of them more easily: TROM Video Series (the videos) - and TROM AudioBooks.

One last thing, empty buttons mean that they are not 'functional' (those formats are not available). Because it takes a long time to make these ebooks in audio and video formats we made separate pages for them all so that anyone can keep track of them more easily: TROM Video Series (the videos) - and TROM AudioBooks.

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Year: 2017 / Author: Tio

This time we will showcase why talking about language and trying to improve ‘it’, is not only a good idea, but a necessary one. Before I prove it to you let me just say that even if we were able to build a worldwide saner society where people have access to whatever they need and want without any trade involved, and this society is ‘educated’ and so forth, language would pose a ton of issues to everyone out there if it is left in the present state, and because of that people would die, scientific research would be massively slowed down, and overall many humans would live a miserable life. The danger lies in the fact that languages, whichever ones, are poorly constructed, but that’s not the main issue, the main issue is with the fact that there are so many languages out there.


Year: 2016 / Author: Tio

In this second part of our ongoing book on language we explore the messiness of language, the religiosity of it, the evolution, and overall what influences language to change or to stagnate. You might be surprised to learn that technology might make us more separate from one another when it comes to language, or that in fact there is no language out there...Hard to believe? Then give this article a try!


Year: 2016 / Author: Tio

We are starting our journey of understanding ‘language’ with a big, fluffy article on how writing styles emerged and how they work today.  We will look at how languages around the world define both actions and ‘stuff’, how they build sentences, what verbs and nouns and other such ‘spicy’ things really are, and overall, how written language is widely different from how we talk.  This massive article will be the bedrock for those to follow in this series, because understanding how today’s written languages work (from English to Chinese or Romanian), we will be able to consider better ways of improving communication.  Mind you, language is what you use to describe yourself, and the world.  So understanding “it” may very well allow you to better understand yourself and the world around you.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

What would it be like if (humans) people on another planet grew up thinking of mouths the way that we think about genitalia?  Let’s see…  Disclaimer Warning: Due to its content, this article may include a number of ‘obscene’ photos, so please be aware of that!  🙂


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

In this special book we will look at how tools that humans invented surpass humans on many levels, how they are part of what humans are, and also why the distinction between human-made tools (the machines) and ourselves (biological creatures) is blurry.  We will try to replace all body parts with mechanical ones, will look at nanobots, how we can extend our senses and how do we hear or see, what artificial intelligence is (machine learning, neural networks, etc.), what supercomputers can do today, why stem cells are so important, and basically we will look at nearly 'everything' related to humans and robots and their relationship.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

You might often hear about depression, ADHD, or any kind of ‘mental disorders’ as being a properly defined ‘thing’, and that there are even ‘cures’ for them.  In our book on psychology, we argued that mental ‘disorders’ may not be a properly defined and understood aspect of psychology, but let’s suppose that they are.  Even if it proves true and they are shown to be similar to biological diseases, there are big problems with the way humans currently approach this situation today.  I will try to exemplify this focusing on cancer.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

Eating is something that we have to do for both energy and mass.  No eat - no life; it’s as simple as that. But what do we eat? What is the impact of what we eat on our health and the environment? We look at all that in this article.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

We are ‘glued’ to a huge sphere by gravity, protected by a 62 mile (100 km) ‘blanket’ of particles that we call ‘our atmosphere’.  We orbit one of the billions of stars in our galaxy, which is one galaxy among billions of others in, perhaps, just one of many universes out there. We explore the amazing connection to the Earth, its places, creatures and events in a 200+ pages special issue full of great images and extraordinary videos.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

We will not look back over history with this article, but at the present, to highlight one such ideology that dominates today’s ‘justice’ systems all over the world: Prisons.  We will show you why this approach is not working, how it has been turned into a profit machine, and how many people of all ages suffer because of it, all as part of a cyclical waste of resources, energy, and humans, along with all of their potentials. But we will also look at what it can be done to change this situation.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

What drives people to… well, do something? Some insist that people are born competitive, some say that cooperation is better for learning and progress, some suggest that what really motivates people is autonomy, mastery and purpose. But what if we are being blinded by the language we’re using and none of these are true, or maybe they all are, or could it be much more complex than that? In this article, we will try to look more closely at these notions, and also to try to understand what is meant by ‘curiosity’.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

If there is one scientific theory that has been completely misunderstood by the general public, or at least severely twisted when explained by many, it would be the process of transmutation (what many call ‘evolution’), and this process has been romanticized and mysticized so much that it may qualify as the most ‘purpose’-infected scientific theory of all time.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

When you like a page (supposedly because you are interested in what that page posts), Facebook will not mention its secret to you: that you will rarely see that page’s posts, very rarely.


Year: 2015 / Author: Tio

If you view the world as a set of experiments in societal organization, you will realize how fluid this notion of a family is. We will also show you how the money game we play today influences this notion of family in ways that you may didn't think before.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

I’m sure you’ve heard these words many times and how, from politics to religion or everyday life, people really believe that these words have some particular meaning.  However, no one seems to have a proper definition for them and, as I will show you in this article, there are some very specific reasons for that.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

What is behavior? An air conditioner, a flower with a brain, a mindless toad, and John with an umbrella.  Let’s begin!


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

This event exists purely for watching a few people play with a ball, all the while following some simple and ancient rules.  If you were an alien, you would not be able to tell the difference between any 2 football (soccer) matches, except the colors on the team’s equipment.  They bring nothing new (relevant) and nothing can be learned from these games by anyone, let alone the fans. But what is more is the profits they make on the back of poor people and the environment.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

If we want to solve poverty, reduce waste and crime, get rid of corruption, solve climate change, and all of our major problems that we face today on planet Earth, shouldn’t we start and build self sustainable cities, move to renewable energies, make better laws, and so forth? What if, we should not. What if the solution is a scientific education + relevant infrastructure that together can create a new kind of society? I see it is paramount to educate people about subjects like obscenity, nudity, monetary system, how their bodies work, what science is, and so forth, in order to create a saner society.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

Although this idea of ‘owning’ may seem normal to us, it is actually a part of the game we currently play (the money game). It’s an invention. What’s more, it’s such a wasteful and inefficient part of this highly obsolete game we still play.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

We humans laugh the same, regardless of culture.  We also cry the same, and for the same reasons, like losing a loved one.  But is this actually true?


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

If humans can use logic, they can reason out a way to make this world a better place… Or not. We will look in detail at the notions of 'reason' and 'logic' in this article, considering different cultures and points in time, 'mental' games, puzzles and illusions, and all that to try and find out if these notions make any sense at all.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

When I was 12 or so, I started to realize something very weird about the world: it repeats itself year after year.  I realized that each year is almost identical to the year before it, and will be basically identical to the year that follows it. But why is that?


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

The world can hurt you if you have less or nothing to eat, or have no comfort and so on, but many, many things that hurt you are only in your head. They are merely part of your own projection.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio and Colin

We are all familiar with seeing a new smartphone coming out every six months to a year, but is this all part of some shady plan to keep consumers buying products, or is it just a normal part of everyday business?


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

Many people have difficulties understanding what will motivate mankind in a society where nobody will be forced to work, there won't be jobs and no one will feel compelled to obey or follow a path of personal profit.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

We live in a world where people value money more than mostly everything you can imagine.  There are amazing people, with amazing ideas and projects with great potential, that are never discovered or given credit because of the money based world. Can money though 'value' people's skills, or people in general?


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

Why are humans spending all of their life training and working? What is this race all about? Is this journey of life even worth the effort?


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

There are millions of homeless people and tens, if not hundreds, of millions of available apartments.  There’s more than enough for all, yet the game we play is damn obsolete, unfair and idiotic overall.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

The interesting fact about humans is that they do not have all this armament and personnel to defend their species from another one. No, they have all this armament and personnel to defend themselves from each other as they kill many of their own for profit and power, or sometimes just for fun.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

Harmful thinking only results when cultural values interfere with a scientific education or when one cannot properly conduct relevant research, thus breeding an irrational mind . This is something of which we should be acutely aware.


Year: 2014 / Author: Tio

AA World : Automated - Autonomous World is a series of articles about the current state of Automated and Autonomous technology to try to demonstrate how a world of abundance for all is possible with today's technology. We will look at transportation, goods and services, construction, cities, and more.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

If there is one notion that is completely distorted and misunderstood in this world, it must be the notion of “beauty”.Beauty contests, beautiful people, beautiful cars, beautiful houses, clothes, legs, furniture, websites, paintings, songs, writings……

Even scientists are trying to prove that this concept has a correlation in reality and please remember, the cosmetics industry, which is basically just a huge pile of people on planet Earth creating and selling “stuff” (mixtures of chemical compounds) ONLY to “enhance” one’s look, is worth 70 billion/year in the US, Europe, and Japan alone.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

How fairly is money distributed in this world? How fair is it for people? Do jobs or work hours reflect the earnings? I promise this article will leave you all in wonder, asking yourself if indeed you live in a completely insane society.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

Advertising is found on almost all websites and most of the time is very intrusive; not to mention, advertising largely relies on tracking the user's activity to provide “personalized” ads. But this entire 'system' is rigged and inefficient.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

I want to offer further explanations and provide an article with new examples and facts about what generates everyone’s personality, including yours and mine. We will look at the gay gene, the alcoholism gene, or the violence gene, and see if they make any sense in a scientific context.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

Today's education is so embedded into the monetary system that it’s almost impossible to separate the two.  You now spend 12 to even 20 years or more studying to mainly become a worker to pay your way through life on planet Earth. In this article we will showcase how the future of education could look like.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

An analysis of the methods of psychology to find out if it is an exact science like biology, chemistry or physics and, if not, then what are the implications.  We use multiple sources from scientific papers, videos and documentaries, plus an interview with someone clinically diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Year: 2013 / Author: Tio

If you kill 14 students, you’ll get a spacious single room and a private bathroom while sharing a kitchen with a dozen of your neighbors. But if you lose your job and have no other means to pay the rent, you get to stay on the streets and hope you will find something to eat.


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