TROM ebooks are available in multiple formats: online reading, PDF, Plain Text, audio format, and video. Please note that we just started to make audiobooks and videos out of these ebooks, so most ebooks won’t be available in these formats because of that. More than that, the audio and video versions of TROM ebooks are slightly different from the ebooks themselves (we may add new video materials, interviews, excerpts from videos, etc. for these versions – and they will lack the full extent of links and videos from the main online format of ebooks). Despite all of that, all formats are similar to the ebook they represent.

EN – The Origin of Most Problems
EN – The Money Game and Beyond
EN – For-Profit Entertainment
EN – OverTourism
EN – Language
EN – Driving us Crazy: How to Fix Transportation
EN – The ‘success’ of prisons
EN – The Science Vaccine
EN – The problem with ‘mental illnesses’
EN – Perspective: Private Mouths
EN – What is Behavior?
EN – What are you laughing at?
EN – Eating the world and ourselves
EN – The Evolution of Purpose and The Purpose of Evolution
EN – Morality and Ethics
EN – Reason and Logic
EN – The ‘Property’ of Waste
EN – Human [vs/and/part] Machine
EN – The Family Idea
EN – Valuable Without a Value
EN – Volunteering around the World
EN – World Gap
EN – Competition and Cooperation, Curiosity and Motivation
EN – Facebook’s Business
EN – Offensive and Obscene
EN – Consuming a year
EN – Earth
EN – Empty Homes for Nobody
EN – Life in the Monetary System
EN – Is planned obsolescence real?
EN – Homeless? Book a prison cell!
EN – Is Psychology Science?
EN – Spending money in today’s world
EN – Harmful Thinking
EN – The War Tumor
EN – The Ugliness Of Beauty
EN – Rethinking Education
EN – Automated Autonomous World
EN – Behaving: From Genes to Gender